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Silva Family

Guillermo Silva Fonseca

Guillermo was born in 25 July 1895 in Managua, Nicaragua. He married Conchita Diaz de Silva.He died on 14 July 1981 in Managua, Nicaragua.

They had the following children:

Rosa Martina Silva was born 30 January 1923 in Managua, Nicaragua. Rosa passed away on 28 December 1990 in Anaheim, California.

Lila Silva was born 0n 28 September 1931 in Managua, Nicaragua.

Hilda Silva was born 0n 9 December 1928 in Managua, Nicaragua

Gladys Silva was born 0n 3 September 1936 in Managua, Nicaragua

Armando Silva

Alberto Silva was born on 2 December 1933 in Managua, Nicaragua.

Guillermo Silva Jr. was born in September 1921 in Managua, Nicaragua

Conchita Diaz de Silva

Conchita was born on 19 February 1897 in Managua, Nicaragua. She died on 30 June 1992 in Managua, Nicaragua.

Celebration of their 50th Anniversary

Yesterday a distinguished couple celebrates their “Golden Wedding Anniversary” of happy married life surrounded by the affection and love of their children, this marriage is formed by the Gentleman Guillermo Silva F. and the Lady Conchita Diaz De Silva.
In order to celebrate such a happy event, they were joined by their children, among them were Rosa S. Slaughter and Mr. Alberto Silva, who they live in the United States of North America. Our congratulations for their happy marriage and wishing them everlasting marriage and together awaiting for better years, we also would like to make extent these congratulations to their children.

Rosa Martina Silva

Rosa Martina Silva was born 30 January 1923 in Managua, Nicaragua. She graduated from nursing school on 12 October 1956.

Graduation Diploma

Rosa Martina Silva

Has the pleasure of inviting you on this 12th day of October at 6:45a.m., to celebrate with a mass, honoring the graduation of the title of Nurse -

Which will be held at the Chapel of the General Hospital hosted by Monsignor Gonzalez Y Roberto, and at the same time, has the pleasure of inviting you and your family to the graduation ceremony where the title of:

Nursing Home Nurse

Will be honored-
The honorable ceremony will take place on October 12th at 10:00a.m. At the Malloy General Office of Healthcare Hall.

In Honor Of:
The Cooperative Service of the Internal Agency of Public Healthcare of Nicaragua and the General Headquarters of Healthcare,


~To my beloved Parents:
Guillermo Silva & Concepcion de Silva.
~The Honorable Founder of E.N.E-(The Natl. School of Nurses):
Miss Prelediana Oliveira.
~Reverend Mother Guadalupe Santana.
~Current Director of E.N.E., Sister Maria De Cristo Tijerino & Reverends Josefinas Sisters.
~Doctor Leonard Rosenfeld.
~Doctor Tomas Pereira.
~My Teachers, for all your support.
~My beloved Aunt Blanca De Gaitan.
~With Love, to all my mentors.
~My good classmates.
~My beloved cousin, Isabel Gomez Diaz.

Managua, October 1956

After graduation she worked for an oil company, giving medical aid to works on oil platforms. She later worked as a nurse in the canal zone in Panama. Rosa met and marries Rex Trusler, who is in the U.S. Army. She is divorced on 26 November 1958 in Los Angeles, California.

Divorce Documents

Rosa applies for her nursing license in California.

She married Reginald Stephens Slaughter on 17 January 1960 at Our Lady Queen of Angels Church in Los Angeles California.

Marriage Announcement

Marriage License

Rosa was studying English to prepare her for citizenship

In 1959 Rosa is walking in Hollywood, and while crossing Hollywood and Vine, is struck in the cross walk by a car. She sends for her sister Lila to help her during this time.

Rosa on crutches

Rosa applied for and received her American citizenship

Rosa and the children were in Managua, Nicaragua during the 1972 earth. This article appeared in the Orange County Register.

1972 Managua Earthquake
Managua was, and still is, the heart of Nicaragua. In 1972 one-fifth of the nation's population, the central government, and the commercial and industrial majority were situated there. If you can imagine the importance of the US cities of Washington DC, New York, Boston, and Philadelphia all combined into one, that would be Managua to Nicaragua.
At 12:27 AM on December 23, 1972, three consecutive earthquakes struck the center of downtown Managua. The first oscillated horizontally and the other two shook vertically, leveling 5 square miles of the city and damaging the rest. Of the 400,000 people living in Managua at the time, 250,000 were rendered homeless, 20,000 were killed, and everyone in the city had to leave at least temporarily because there was no water, electricity, or gas.

With aftershocks still occurring intermittently over the next few days, the city was evacuated into the countryside by the military and police to avoid disease and looting. As it was, people would run into what was left of businesses and steal things like TVs, radios, furniture, and anything else that they could carry. The military and police were forced to burn bodies wherever they found them in the city to avoid disease and four major hospitals were destroyed so the injured had to be helped out in the open air behind the hospitals or not at all, in some cases, because there wasn't enough man power to go around.
Downtown Managua lies on the edge of Lake Managua and the epicenter of the earthquake was a few hundred meters away from the edge of the lake. The quake in itself wasn't extremely powerful (6.3 on the Richter scale), but the combination of the fact that it originated only 9 miles below the surface, that the earth under the city was compacted volcanic ash instead of rock, that many of the buildings were made out of brittle plaster and rock, that Managua

lies along the circle-of-fire (a ring of volcanoes and seismic faults which circles the Pacific), and that it's on top of 5 active faults caused the catastrophic results.
For two miles from Avenida Central (the equivalent of main street) everything was destroyed or severely damaged. Banks, hotels, and government offices were all put out of commission and some are just now being rebuilt. The Gran Hotel, one of Managua's best hotels, was destroyed and you still hear people give directions by saying, "Turn where the Gran Hotel used to be." 50% of the nation's commercial services were centered in Managua and 90% of the small businesses like bakeries and auto repair shops were destroyed either by the earthquake itself or by looting. However, even though 70% of the manufacturing sector was in Managua, the industries survived mostly intact because they were built on the outskirts of the city.

The old Managua cathedral which was damaged beyond repair in the 1972 earthquake
Many of the quarter of a million homeless people who were evacuated to the countryside had no place to stay. So, they moved into the nearby cities and slept in stadiums, parks, and schools. The population of most cities around Managua doubled in just a few days and prices on everything, especially houses, skyrocketed.
The total damage was estimated at a 1000 million dollars, not an extremely large amount by most international standards, but the entire country's production in 1972 came to just 760 million dollars and the government's budget was only 120 million. On top of that, since so much of the nation was concentrated in Managua, that government actually lost a huge percentage of its income which could have been used to repair the city.
Governments all over the world as well as international organizations and individuals rushed to help Nicaragua, both financially and physically with medical services and food packages. However, as previously noted, the city was not rebuilt and much of the money disappeared and many Nicaraguans have blamed the country's late dictator, Somoza.

Rosa works as a registered nurse for Dr. David S. Asher in Santa Ana, California.

Rosa passed away at Kaiser Hospital on 28 December 1990 in Anaheim, California. She is buried at Holy Sepulcher Cemetery in Orange, California.

This Picture was taken on 14 December 1990

California Death Index, 1940-1997 Recordabout ROSA MARTINA SLAUGHTER
Social Security #:556547929
Birth Date:30 Jan 1923
Death Date:28 Dec 1990
Death Place:ORANGE
Mother's Maiden Name:DIAZ
Father's Surname:SILVA

Death Certificate

Rosa’s Obituary

Rosa Martina Silva Slaughter, 67, an Anaheim homemaker, died Friday. Visitation from 2 to 4 p.m. Wednesday at McAulay & Wallace Mortuary in Fullerton. Rosary at 7 p.m. Wednesday at the mortuary chapel. Mass at 10 a.m. Thursday at San Antonio Catholic Church in Anaheim. Burial at Holy Sepulcher Cemetery in Orange.Survived by her husband, Reginald; son, George, of Riverside; daughters, Beverly Williams of El Toro and Annabelle Smith of Corona; mother, Conchita Silva of Nicaragua; sisters, Lila Orrick of Anaheim, Hilda Silva of Nicaragua and Gladys Martinez of Nicaragua; and brother, Guillermo Silva of San Francisco.


They had the following children:

George Thomas Slaughter was born on 15 June 1960 in Los Angeles, California

Beverley Ann Slaughter was born on 12 Feb 1962 in Santa Ana, California

Annabelle Marie Slaughter was born on 14 December 1965 in Santa Ana, California

Lila Maria Silva

Lila was born 0n 28 September in Managua, Nicaragua. She married Daniel Wesley Orrick on 14 April 1962 in Santa Ana, California.

Marriage License

Daniel was born on 24 January 1928 in Arkansas, and died on 09 October 1996 in Orange, California. He is buried at Holy Sepulcher Cemetery in Orange, California

Dan’s Obituary
Dan W. Orrick, 68, of Anaheim, a retired tool and die maker, died Oct. 9 of natural causes. Arrangements by McAulay & Wallace Mortuary, Yorba Linda. Services held at St. Martin's Church, Yorba Linda.Survivors: wife, Lila; son, Tom; daughters, Cindy, Donna, Elizabeth, Kathleen; eight grandchildren and great-grandchildren.


They had the following children:
Donna L. Orrick was born on 15 Jan 1962 in Orange, California.
Ben Stanford Orrick was born on 3 April 1963 in Orange, California. He died on 14 May 1979 in a motorcycle accident in Yorba Linda, California. He is buried at Holy Sepulcher Cemetery in Orange, California


Elizabeth A. Orrick was born on 22 September 1964 in Orange, California.

Kathleen Orrick was born on 26 February 1966 in Orange, California

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